Soham Dodia


I have 4 years of experience working at service and product-based companies as a software engineer. I like finding solutions to problems. I love all-things tech and superheroes. I love writing code which transforms my ideas to something incredible on a screen. I have been mostly writing APIs and utility scripts, but I also love to write code for front-end as well. The feeling I get when the small utility scripts I write work cannot really be put into words, so I'll skip that.

Apart from coding, I also like gaming, reading books, board games, badminton, pizza and traveling.


Leap Drop

LeapDrop is a (Leap Motion + Chrome Extension + Android) hack that allows the geek to drag a webpage from one computer and drop it to another computer, where it opens almost instantly.

First in Hardware Category at InOut 3.0.

Technologies: Leap Motion, NodeJS, Socket.IO, Android, Chrome Extension.


A NPM module that will dump all DynamoDB data to AWS ElasticSearch indices. There's no blueprint in AWS Lambda that allows to dump DynamoDB data into ElasticSearch. This module will facilitate exactly that.

Technologies: JavaScript, AWS Elastic Search

Redis Process Lock

An NPM module that will lock the process. JavaScript is single-threaded, and if there is any requirement for locking some process/resource, it will be complex to do that. This module will solve that problem.

Technologies: JavaScript, Redis

YouTube Search

YouTube Search is developed in React.js,YouTube API and will display first 5 results from youtube.

Technologies: React.js, Youtube API

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